Keeping Fire Safe While Celebrating Chanukah

Tradition! Tradition! Tradition is what Chanukah is all about. To commemorate the miracles of old when the Israelites were miraculous saved from the tyrannical rule of ancient Greece, Jews all over the world light their menorahs and place them in front of the window of their home or by the entrance. From the first night when only one candle is lit, adding up day by day until the eighth and final night of the festival when all eight flames dance merrily to proclaim the Almighty’s greatness, families gather to party together.This year, Chanukah begins on Tuesday night, December the twelfth. Homeowners all across the globe will be lighting their menorahs and celebrating. Just as the little bit of oil in the flask of oil that was found amid the ruins of the temple of old went a long way by supplying fuel for eight entire days until more pure olive oil could be brought, so too, a little bit of caution in regard to fire hazards surely will go a long way in keeping family and home safe from the associated of risks.

Here you have the safety guidelines for the holiday brought to you by home, property, auto, business and life insurance experts.Eight Ways to Ensure Chanukah menorah safety:1. Chanukah is a great time to do your bi-annual smoke detector test. While you are at it, make sure your carbon monoxide detector is in good shape, too, ready to alert you if there is associated danger. And it might make sense to have your insurance professional review your home policy at this time as well.
2. Use only a menorah made out of metal. Wood menorahs pose a significant fire hazard.
3. Prior to lighting, set your menorah atop a secure tabletop that has been adequately covered with silver foil.
4. In the event you light with candles as opposed to oil, melt the bottoms securely into the menorah’s cups.
5. Keep kids and pets out of the menorah’s way.
6. Put away any matches or lighters following the lighting ceremony.
7. Never leave your burning menorah unattended.
8. Make sure to pull back curtains a good distance from the lit menorah. Keep any flammables away as well.

Four Ways to Fire Safe Holiday Cooking1. Clear the area around your cooking site from towels, oven gloves and anything else that could catch fire.
2. Turn any pot or frying pan handle towards the back of the stove to minimize toppling risks.
3. Roll up long sleeves and take off jewelry that may get caught prior to cooking or frying.
4. Keep kids and pets far from the cooking area.Enjoy the holidays with the peace of mind that comes with being cautious!